Liberty House is a 10-bed Shelter Care Program licensed and monitored by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (DJS). In addition to servicing youth awaiting adjudication, Liberty House also houses youth who are awaiting placement, or who have been removed from the home for various reasons. In some instances, homeless have benefited from services provided by our program.

Temporary Housing for youth

Liberty House is a non-secure, residential facility owned by YES for delinquent juveniles and children temporarily in need of services. The majority of residents at Liberty House are awaiting adjudication, are in some form of a crisis situation, or in a state of transition. Additionally, Liberty House provides a safe, homelike respite for youth whose families were in crisis to include homelessness. Overwhelmingly, the residents at Liberty House have tenure of 30-days or less; however, on isolated occasions, they may be in the program for up to six-months. In almost all instances, residents are returned to their families post-adjudication or at the end of the placement.


Transitioning youth back into
the Community & Family

Transitioning youth back into the community and family can be challenging. In order to prepare families for you who are returning to the family structure, Liberty House staff work diligently to assist the family in terms of identifying needed resources to enhance likelihood of a successful transition.

Finally, Liberty House provides a residential resource for youth who are transitioning from out of statements prior to their return to their home community. The structured programming and homelike environment will give their caseworkers flexibility in terms of finalizing the child’s permanent living arrangements.